lt distribution returns proceedure


Customers wishing to return faulty or damaged product must follow the following steps to ensure a smooth RMA turnaround. 


1. For RMA Support procedure for items purchased from lt distribution follow the steps below


2. For RMA Support for Enemax PSU and peripherals not purchased directly from lt distribution please use this link here for the RMA process


lt  rma process

Customers must obtain an RMA number before shipping back any faulty goods. lt will not process any rma without a valid rma number or form completed with any returned goods.




i) Customers must full out our Returns Materials Authorisation Form before returning any product. All details must be completed including name, address, contact details and email address. The product code or name, full fault description, serial batch number or alternatively the customer invoice number (this last point is essential)

 ii) Leave the reference/issued by blank- this is for your RMA number.

iii) Fax the completed rma form to 0208 963 1367 or to

iv) Your RMA Request will be sent to you within 48 hours (excluding weekends). If you dont get a response within 48 hours please phone 0208 838 2568 ask for RMA department.


v) preparation and return of your product

Please ensure goods are packaged in original or appropriate packaging and are well protected. In the event of a psu fault with a pc case ONLY send the psu not the full case.

vi) Should damage occur during transit LT will contact you immediately upon receipt.

vii) Ensure the RMA number is clearly marked on all packages returned

viii) Ensure the RMA form is attached to the outside of the box.

 ix) The customer agrees to return the faulty goods to LT  by their courier and at their expense. LT Distribution are not liable for any delivery charges or the return of faulty goods nor for any loss of profits caused by the buyer or any delivery company damaging goods during transit.

x) Any goods received that are incomplete, are damaged or missing boxes may be accepted but this may result in a much longer processing time. LT Distribution reserve the right to replace or not to replace any returned faulty goods at their own discretion.

xi) Any goods that are received complete and in good condition will be replaced as long as the goods are within the warranty period. If a suitable replacement is not available goods may be replaced like for like products at the company's discretion.

xii) Any products covered by a third party manufacturers warranty will usually come with the necessary details of how to contact the supplier. Please do not send these items back to us, as they cannot be accepted. Products covered by manufacturers warranty are as follows: Printers, monitors, software (contact the service centre slip which is inside the purchased product),  dvd drives,hard drives, cpu's, graphics, networking, memory and motherboards (LT will advise the best procedure for rma).

replacement of faulty product

Goods that are received complete and in good condition will be replaced as long as the goods are within the warranty period. If a suitable replacement is not available goods may be replaced like for like products at the company's discretion and or up to the same value as the rma if no replacement stock is available.

The warranty period for the following products applies:

Cases fault or damage- seven days from invoice date

PSU - 12 months from invoice date

Speakers, Coolers, enclosure- 12 months from invoice date.

 LT Distribution will replace and return any valid faulty products as described above and return to the customers business address.

rejection of rma

In the event of goods being rejected LT Distribution reserve the right to return these to the customer- this may at the customers expense if the goods are

a) Out of the warranty period and LT Distribution advised before the shipment was sent that these would be rejected

b) The goods arrived damaged and that damage was clearly caused by the negligence of the customer and or their courier service.

c) Good arrived incomplete and were missed parts, cables and or manuals, packaging.

d) Warranty labels were removed from the product

e) The product had been modified or defaced.


The following definitions form part of LT Distribution Ltd Terms of Trade and will be upheld with regard to all rma issues

Customers are advised to read this link to avoid any dispute, queries with regard to LT Distribution rma process



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