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C&J Code Cooler-HD-Cooler


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Aluminium Hard Disk Drive cooler
Helps Reduce hard disk drive operating temperature
Pulls air from hard disk, and prevents the build up of heat pockets which occur around a multiple stack of drives
Features :Unique Design Sits above / below Hard Disk
Gold Aluminium finish -is a superior conductor in combating heat
Fits all Hard Disk specs 3.5" /1" and 1.62"
No space used - screws onto Hard Disk, uses 4 pin molex connector
Powered by twin 5cm evercool cooling fans
Specifications : Rated Voltage 12V
Rated Current: 0.24A
Power Consumption: 2.88W
Speed: 4500RPM
Air Flow: 11.2 CFM
Life Expectancy: 25,000 hours
Dimensions L x W x H : 130 x100 x 17mm


C&J Code: Cooler-HD-Cooler

Audio Output:  

I/O Ports:  


Weight: 1000g

Form Factor: Cooling

Supported Motherboard Form Factor:  

Type: PC


Ventilation Fans:  

External Drive bays:  

Internal Drive bays :  


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